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Agro-Pro specialises in cool climate viticulture and oenology and have a passion for growing grapes and making wine. We have extensive experience in planning, planting, establishing and managing vineyards, taking a flexible approach that enables us to work with our clients to ascertain targets and achieve goals.

Our main focus is to support vineyard owners in their decision making, giving them confidence to make informed decisions that will improve productivity and quality through efficient vineyard management.

Luke Wolfe – Viticulturalist 


I started working in the wine industry in 2008, graduating from Plumpton College in 2012 with a first-class honours degree in viticulture and oenology. After a period of freelance vineyard and winery work that took me all over the world, I eventually settled back in the UK where I joined Chapel Down. After five years I was responsible for the management of over 600 acres of vineyard across multiple sites in Kent and Sussex, forming relationships with contractors and suppliers across Europe. In this time I also became a wine judge for Effervescences Du Monde and the IWSC where I was awarded ‘Associate Judge of the Year’ in 2015.

To date I have planted and established over 600 acres of vineyard and harvested 1,000’s of tonnes in the UK. Agro-Pro was founded when I realised there was a shortage of knowledge and experience available to both new and existing growers who were looking to maximise the efficiency of their vineyards. Having planted my own 25 acres of vineyard, I fully understand the emotional connection to planting a vineyard and the challenges in nurturing it to maturity. I also recognise that success is built around being a commercially viable business that has a reputation for consistently yielding grapes that can make quality wines.

As the English wine industry grows, we must continue to improve and get better at what we do, to build on our industries reputation that will enable us to compete on a global scale.

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