Vineyard Management

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Why is Vineyard Management Important?

Growing grapes in a cool, maritime climate such as the UK is filled with challenges. The only guarantee is the weather will be variable, therefore as vineyard managers it is vital we are prepared to adapt and implement the viticultural practices required at the right time as no two years are ever the same.

Inevitably there will always be some vintage variation, that’s what makes wines so fascinating, but being able to use our experience to efficiently deliver a balance between quality and yield, consistently across multiple vintages is essential to any grape growing business.

Our Services

Whether you are a grower selling grapes or a producer growing & making your own wines, Agro-Pro offers a range of services tailored to working work with you to understand your vineyard, and maximise its potential through efficient and effective vineyard management, to achieve your desired goals.

In doing this we offer a free consultation to ascertain your needs and will provide you with a proposal that offers  objectives, and their associated costs. Below is an overview of the services we offer; however, it is not an exhaustive list and we can be flexible in offering our expertise wherever required.

Vineyard Management from Agro-Pro
Vineyard Management from Agro-Pro

Vineyard Management

Some vineyard owners find they do not have the time or resources readily available to efficiently operate their vineyard. In these circumstances, Agro-Pro will take full responsibility of all vineyard operations, working within a pre-determined budget to achieve the required goals.

This can be valuable for smaller or newly established vineyards that cannot justify the expense of fulltime employees or used as temporary relief cover whilst longer term solutions are found.

Training & Mentoring

As UK grape production grows so does the requirement for skilled vineyard labour. Whether you’re a vineyard owner wanting to understand effective vineyard management or have an employee that lacks experience in some areas of viticulture, Agro-Pro can offer a mentoring service that will provide support in all areas of vineyard management.

This service is combined with regular site visits and forward work scheduling which enables vineyard managers to confidentially make day to day management decisions with the reassurance that support is available.

We are also able to offer training sessions on all areas of canopy management that can be delivered to a team or one-to-one. This can be for specific tasks such as pruning or on data gathering techniques for yield forecasting or frost damage assessments.

Vineyard Management from Agro-Pro

Viticultural Consultancy

This service is available to growers as required and can be focused on trials/data gathering or trouble shooting with Agro-Pro working with the vineyard team to resolve issues and identify areas of improvement.

It can also be used as an independent audit or status report on vineyard condition that can be used for reporting to share holders or estate owners.

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