Evaluating your sites potential


Vineyard Analysis, Planning & Design

Site Selection

Site selection is the most important factor when establishing a vineyard. A number of contradictory factors need to be evaluated to determine whether a site has the potential to be a productive, profitable vineyard.

Naturally the perfect site rarely exists, therefore making strategic establishment decisions that recognise and work with the natural landscape features is key to nurturing a sites practical and productive capabilities, ensuring longevity.

Vineyard Planning & Design
Vineyard Planning & Design

How can Agro-Pro help?

In determining a sites feasibility, Agro-Pro will first conduct an on-site consultation to ascertain the client’s objectives and to record site features that can be measured against climate data and index models. The data obtained will form the basis of a feasibility report, detailing the sites potential for grape cultivation in contrast to the client’s aspirations. The report will also contain an overview of establishment & running costs, making recommendations where appropriate.

Once the fundamental site properties have been ascertained it is often necessary to acquire more in-depth soil analysis to determine the variations in soil composition & health. Agro-Pro interprets this information to better understand the variability across the site enabling key pre-planting decisions on soil preparation and block design that ensures the right vines are planted in the right place.

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