Vineyard Planting & Establishment

How to get your vineyard planted & established

Vineyard Planting & Establishment

The planting and establishment phase is the most important time in a vineyard’s life. Small oversights at the beginning can be compounded into costly mistakes, therefore the most important part of planting a vineyard is to have a plan. Whether you intend to make your own wine or sell your fruit to other producers, taking time to consider key factors such as the combination of varieties, clones and rootstocks suitable, potential wine styles, market trends and climate change can all impact how you establish your vineyard. It could be having a vineyard that is flexible and adaptable as your business grows may be a significant part of your plan.

Once you have formulated your vision for your vineyard, the next stage is to prepare and implement your plan. Being aware of what resources are locally available and using trusted suppliers and contractors is important, however having a good understanding of the processes, timings and logistics involved in planting a vineyard is the most efficient way of ensuring success.

Often there is a sense of achievement when all the planning comes to fruition and the vines are finally in the ground, but infact this is the start of the real work. Making sure the vines are effectively managed and nurtured as soon as they’ve been planted is quintessential to vineyard establishment.

Vineyard Planting & Establishment
Vineyard Planting & Establishment
Vineyard Planting & Establishment

Services we offer

Agro-Pro has extensive experience in planting and establishing vineyards and has developed relationships with suppliers and contractors all over Europe. Being fully independent, we are not affiliated with any other companies, allowing us to be fully objective when giving advice or facilitating the purchase of services, machinery or materials. Typically, our planting projects are divided into two:

Planning & Planting: Working with estate owners to plan and plant the vineyard

  • Establish a planting plan
  • Assist in sourcing vines, materials & machinery
  • Block design
  • Ground preparation, including fertiliser applications
  • Vine planting
  • Trellis installation

On-going Establishment: A 3 year project taking the vineyard from pre-planting to its first harvest

  • Planning & planting (as detailed above)
  • All aspects of vine training & canopy management
  • Disease & pest control
  • Crop management
  • Soil health & fertility
  • Harvest planning and logistics

Whether you have used Agro-Pro or any other consultation services pre-planting, we can be flexible in using our expertise to work with you in determining the most efficient way to deliver your vineyard plan.

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